Borknagar video history

In the history of Borknagar there has not been many videos released. I have gathered the ones I find necessary here in this article and gave them some comments. I also added some not-so-official videos that have significant history. Let's start with our unofficial video of Colossus from Quintessence.     We were invited to play on a local tv-show in Oslo after the release of Quintessence in April 2000, the station was called Metropol TV. If we had know what we know now we would of course made sure that these videos were primed for online use, but...2000. We [...]

The making of; Winter Thrice tour-shirt! Vote here

It's true! The metal community = the best people! We ask for assistance and you guys always help out. I want to direct a huge thank you to the people who have contributed to our request and I also want to thank you in advance for giving your vote and help us in the making of the Winter Thrice tour-shirt! Tour shirts often become important memories for us music fans, I have several myself that still make me think about good times. During our last tour I ran into a guy in Rome who had one of our early shirts: This [...]


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