Hei there everyone and welcome to the new Borknagar website, our Headquarters 🙂

As some of you know I have already been talking a bit about the up coming studio work for us on the Artisan web, but as we now start up for real you can follow our progression here. We can’t off course reveal any music at this time, but we will share with you pictures, impressions, thoughts and ideas we get in the many many hours of time we’re about to spend in the Toproom Studio.

Yesterday I persuaded good’ol Asgeir Mickelson to help me transport Dave’s drums up to Toproom, it’s about an hours drive from where I live.  The drums have spent some time in my basement and Dave wasn’t flying in until later the same day. This has almost become tradition when we enter studio, it all starts with me transporting gear. First time was driving to Abyss Studios in Sweden in 2000.

I borrowed a trailer, loaded the gear and off we went.

Jens loading gear

Jens loading gear

As I write this Dave is hard at work up there putting together his kit, tuning and rehearsing. I guess he is chuffed as it’s a few months already since he played his drums last time. Also; Øystein is in his car driving over the mountains from Bergen to Toproom. Tomorrow I might get a chance again to head back up there and take part of the process.

I have put more pics in the new “Media” section, follow the picture and go have a look.