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Olden Domain

Archaic Course



Vintervredets Sjelesagn Eye of Oden Oceans Rise Rivalry of Phantoms Genuine Pulse
Tanker Mot Tind [Kvelding] The Winterway Universal The Presence Is Ominous Gods of My World
Svartskogs Glide Om Hundrede Aar Er Alting Glemt The Witching Hour Ruins of the Future The Black Canvas
Ved Steingard A Tale of Pagan Tongue The Black Token Colossus Matter and Motion
Krigsstev To Mount and Rove Nocturnal Vision Inner Landscape Soul Sphere
Dauden Grimland Domain Ad Noctum Invincible Inherit the Earth
Grimskalle Trell Ascension of Our Fathers Winter Millennium Icon Dreams The Stellar Dome
Hord Haagauk The Dawn of the End Fields of Long Gone Presence Genesis Torn Four Element Synchronicity
Fandens Allheim Embers Liberated
Tanker Mot Tind [Gryning] Revolt The View of Everlast




Future Reminiscence Earth Imagery Havoc
Traveller Grains Reason
Origin Oceans Rise The Stir of Seasons
Sealed Chambers of Electricity Signs For a Thousand Years To Come
The Weight of Wind White Abrasion Tide
Resonance Cynosure Fleshflower
Relate (Dialogue) The Human Nature Worldwide
Cyclus Acclimation My Domain
Circled The Spirit of Nature
The Inner Ocean Hypothesis
The Wonder


The Beauty Of Dead Cities
The Earthling
The Plains Of Memories
Mount Regency
The Winter Eclipse
In A Deeper World
Age Of Creation
My Friend Of Misery
Borknagar Discography