Let’s make a new shirt design!

Hello! We are counting down to the tour! April 13th we embark on a two week European trip to test out some new songs live! How about that! And I guess it would be futile to leave without some new shirts designs, anyone agree? Last time we went on tour was in 2014 and that was our first actual tour for a few years. We did an experiment and asked for your help to create a shirt design and the result was the amazing Winter Eclipse shirt. We got a lot of response on this and the Winter Eclipse design [...]

“Winter Thrice” European tour announcement:

We have finally put together the announcement, this is just in from Century Media:  “Winter Thrice”, the 10th studio album by Norwegian epic black metal pioneers BORKNAGAR, has been released worldwide by Century Media Records for a couple weeks now and not only keeps receiving acclaim from both media and from fans, but has also managed to enter the sales charts in various countries: Germany # 62, Switzerland # 90, Finland # 44 as well as in the USA # 17 in the Heatseeker Charts and # 15 in the Hard Rock Charts. To further promote “Winter Thrice”, BORKNAGAR have [...]


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