Hey folks!

A little update from the last studio session and some other stuff that might interest.

The engineerer

As some of you may have noticed we we had an really intense and creative session in studio last weekend. Our mail goal for this weekend was to record Jens’ basic guitars and then do some bass work.

In action

Friday and Saturday, Jens and me spendt about 16 hours in studio tracking and producing Jens’ guitars. As Jens really had done his homework the process went smooth and we where able to not just track the guitar but also experiment and produce the riffs into perfection. And the ENGL- GIBSON combo once again proved the perfect match for Bork soundwise. We have used this combo on almost every record, exept for the “debut”.

Time for some dinner

After a long day in studio we usually drive down to Roa and grab some food at the local Kebab resturant. Say no more…;-)

Tweaking and experimenting with sounds.

On sunday Mr. Vortex joined us along with his “basses and boxes”. Prime goal was to do some experiments with sounds, find the approach, the magic formula and so forth. Turned out great and we tracked bass on some of the material- and WOW it rocked big time!

Also we got some of the synth files from Lars over to the studio this very day and spendt some time to listen to the stuff. We where pretty much speachless- Lars haven’t treated his keyboards and synth’s very gentle this time around so to speak. Words becomes poor- this will be huge!!

More updates soon folks!

Take care,