Hey Folks!

Just wanted to give you an brief update from studio.

I arrived Toproom Studio yesterday evening. David was already there on my arrival and he had already spent the whole day setting up and tuning the drumkit. This time around he will actually record with his own drumkit- or “boots” as he choose to call it.

Borknagar - DrumKit Set up

Daves Kit


Today have been an uttermost creative day- three songs nailed. I have never heard David play the drums as great as today- it simply sounds amazing all the way- massive, fast, tasty, proggy- you name it.

After 14 hours in studio, we’re now ready for a double wiskey and soon some sleep. Soon ready for another day in studio…;-)

Borknagar - David Kinkade & Øystein G. Brun

Øystein & Dave


Take care,