The effort and initiative from our fans and friends in South America is touching and will produce results some day, but I’m sorry to announce today that we can’t make it to Chiles Metal Fest in April -13. This has opened for dialogue between the band and the festival promoters and this might result in a later appearance.

Making Borknagar play live is a strange puzzle and it has always been like this. It’s not like we lack offers, we have standing offers from more or less the whole globe to play live, and it hurts as much every time we turn down an adventure like a trip to Chile would have been. But we are all tied up with family and work obligations, all of us. And when we do agree to a gig we want to do a good job, not a stressed appearance with minimal preparations. It’s a picture that is hard to explain, but this is why we have done less then 10 gigs the last 10 years!

And you people are making quite the impression on me with all the support, involvement, effort and initiative. The positive side of the new media is how directly we can stay in touch with people from all corners of the world and deal with the requests and input. You should all know that with your comments and requests you are also creating more offers and possibilities for us like it did this time. This is something that we appreciate as we see that a decade of turning down tour offers and festival offers are resulting in less offers coming in. And we don’t want that…

The positive vibe from you all has also created a more curious band by now. We don’t want to turn everything down, but we just need to get the right offers where everyone has the opening to accept. This is why we played Inferno last year for example, it was in our Easter holiday. And the band vibe these days is that we want to meet you guys, we want to play more live for you, if we only get the offers that everyone can agree to.

With this I want to ask you all not to give up even though we couldn’t make it to Chile this time, you’re voices are being heard! Keep up with the support you have shown lately and be aware that you are making an impression with the band, and also with concert promoters around the world.  This sort of support is bound to make a difference at some point. Without this sort of feedback we would not have been aware about the following we have in South America, and you guys should know that it makes quite a difference to our priorities.




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