Here is yet another part of a series of features where we want to pay some tribute to our amazing fans. The initiative is solely meant as a positive incitement to make our fans come forth and to make them shine. This should not be regarded as subject of marked analysis, “best-fan-competition” or whatever. Ideally we should have made such a tribute to each and everybody, but unfortunally that is just not doable. Decisions have to be made and lines have to be drawn, but we would like to thank everybody that left a comment or sent a message in order express their wish to participate!

The interviews are conducted by me(Øystein) to make the whole thing more personal in a world of impersonal commercialism. I have done my best to make this an interesting- and personal- feature. But keep in mind that I am no professional interviewer and excuse me for any blunders that may occur.

The photos herein are used with kind premission from the interviewee/s.



So, this thime around we are heading back to Europe or more precisely Amsterdam. Of some reason the metal scene seems to be under male domination, atleast expressively and outwards. In Norway we have a saying that goes pretty much like this “Behind a strong man there is a even stronger woman”(my translation). So the day of 8th. of March(the international day of women) I just felt an absolute need to get a woman to participate in this project- there was just no way around- in the name of “fairness”…;-)

So fellow metalheads, say hello to Sandra and her son Raven!

Raven and SandraName: Sandra Djordjevic-Rijmers

Age: 24

Country: TheNetherlands

Fan since: 2004

Favorite song:  View of Everlast








Ø: First off, I would like you to introduce yourself/yourselves with your own words.

My name is Sandra, 24 years old and recently became a mother to a little baby boy named Raven. I am married to the love of my life Giorgio, who is 27.


Ø: I recently got a beautiful card from you regarding a happing in your life which is ultimately all about life, would you like to tell us about it?…:-)

Thank  you! I’m glad I could send you my son’s birth announcement. It’s such a miracle to be able to make a whole new human being.


Ø: Bringing a child into this world is in my opinion the greatest thing one can do and achieve as a Birth cardhuman being. And the birth itself, somehow symbolize contrasts in life at the finest; the ultimate pain and immense happiness at the same time. Being a father myself this “tendency” seems to continue; the immense love towards the child but also the profound concern that something bad could happen with the child. We nowadays (atleast in the western world) probably have the best pre-conditions for bringing up a child throughout all history but yet we are facing a world that seems to crumble in so many aspects (environmental issues, pollution etc). Is this something that concerns you as parents and do you have some thoughts about what kind of world our children have to deal with in the future? Will they be able to deal with it?

I know what you mean. It’s an important thing to think about, though I kind of force myself not to think about it while he is so young. I grew up in a protective home, and always said I would never be like that. Yeah well, I know now how it feels like for a parent! We do have the best pre-conditions, but then again – maybe too much. When ‘we’ are sick ‘we’ immediately run to the doctors to get antibiotics while instead we could also rest for a week and let our bodies deal with it. Aren’t we letting our bodies and immune systems become lazy this way? The whole natural-aspect seems to disappear with every year. Kids now a days don’t play outside,  or play with toys. They all have ipads to play games. I know our child will want those things too, and I think it’s fine as long as he also learns what it is to be outside – in nature!  We are also saving lots of money for college, because things are getting abnormally expensive here..


Ø: And a rather mundane parent to parent question; did your child enjoy music when still in the belly the month’s before birth? Did you guys try that?………:-)

Yes! We sure did. I post on Instagram a lot, and I actually posted a picture where I was playing one of your songs in my car and I said that my little Ravenpeanut wanted me to stay in the car till the end of the song. He was bouncing and kicking me! Lol. We actually listen to music a lot, usually we put a cd on after dinner instead of watching TV. Of course we did this also when Raven was still in the womb. I would notice he would be very active when the music was on. Like he was dancing. J I would also sway in motion or tap my belly in the rhythm of the music (yes even when the drums are abnormally fast lol ). I think he heard everything. He loves it when he and I dance on the sound of metal. He falls asleep to it.


Ø: To me as a musician located in a small village in the northern part of the hemisphere, it’s amazing to see how far out in the world our music reach. Would be great if you could describe your first encounter with the music of BORKNAGAR? How did you first hear about the band?

My husband knew Borknagar before I did. A part of his way to win me over was by talking about music and listening to it together. This is how I heard ‘The presence is ominous’ for the first time. I was instantly in love! This was exactly my type of music! Of course there was nothing he could have done wrong anymore haha. We began dating and many years later we got married, had a child.. and still listen to ‘The presence is ominous’ and think about when we first met J It’s “ our song “


Ø: What is your favorite BORKNAGAR album and why?

The Archaic Course. This was the album I may have played a billion times on my way to this awful internship many years ago. I had to start very early so it was always very dark, very cold, very lonely.. but this album made me feel so much better! It gave me the opportunity to travel to another dimension, just for a little while. I think it saved me, or I would’ve gone crazy and burned the whole place down haha.


Ø: From my point view good music always connects on an emotional level and very often emotions relates to situations in life. David Sylvian’s “Gone to Earth” is such an example  for me- every time I listen to this album- it revokes good memories and profound emotions connected to the birth of my first child. Is there a BORKNAGAR song or an album that has a similar impact on you?

The Wonder. As you know we have used the lyrics on Raven’s  birth announcement . I contacted you to ask what your thought were when you wrote the lyrics. I wanted to be sure that we understood the lyrics correctly. And so we did! It is just a beautiful way of welcoming such a precious little human into your life. When I first heard the song, I already knew I wanted to do this when I would have a child. We used this part: “The path I have chosen is the spring of you. A wonder ignites, ahead, towards infinity. Welcome!” We have gotten positive comments. I’m very happy we choose this!


Ø: What is your most precious BORKNAGAR item(s)?IMG_2617

Probably our signed things we got from Asgeir a few years back. That was so nice of him! We have it hanging in our home. Of course we also have the Borknagar necklace. It’s gorgeous!


Ø: In your opinion, what makes BORKNAGAR stand out from the rest of the bands in the current scene?

The combination of harsh and clean vocals are in my opinion the best so far. I found a lot of bands missing good vocalists. Borknagar has them!! The lyrics also really stand out. They are real, in a way. They are about nature, life, the universe…  It’s mature and just powerful!


Ø: Obviously, there is no sun without a shadow. Is there anything regarding BORKNAGAR you don’t like?

Probably the fact that one day, you will decide to quit L But I have a solution for that! I’ll get back to that one in a bit.


Ø: If there is anything in specific you are wondering about regarding BORKNAGAR- now is your chance to ask?

Yes. I would love it if there would be another making of/behind the scenes vids with the next album. ( like you did with Epic ) That was so much fun to watch! And of course… Come to Holland again 😉

Ø: Glad you liked the vids we did for Epic! We also did pretty much the same thing for “Universal” as far as I remember. We were actually planning to do this for “Urd” but due to time-preasure and practical reasons we didn’t do so. We will ofcourse consider doing a “doku” for our next album as well but in the end of the day it’s all about priorities during given circumstances. Obviously our main focus is to make a killer album and everything else is secondary….:-)


Ø: Beside job/studies, music and being a parent- what brings your “life in balance”?

I love photography and making vids. When Raven is old enough, we’ll be making a Borknagar vid for sure! I’m also a big nature-lover. I live in Amsterdam, but I have a garden. I would probably suffocate if I didn’t have direct access to my lovely flowers, my little grass lawn, and just literally the earth between my toes. And.. I have 3 Norwegian Forestcats! Thor, Gwydion and Tara. They are my first baby’s 😉


Ø: How is the metal community in your area, if there is any at all?

Yes very much so. It’s a popular genre here, lots of bands and listeners. I don’t find the quality of the bands equal to those in Scandinavia though. Scandinavia is like.. the king of metal in my opinion. Actually you guys were here in 2009! We were there. It was the best concert ever. I had so much fun! The sound was great, you played awesome.. Please come back again J


Ø: Do you or your husband play any instrument yourself? Or, even play in a band? Or in other ways involved in the scene?

I have played the violin. Have to pick it up again though, haven’t played in a while. (extra note: I love Sareeta! ) and my husband plays the drums! He used to be in a band a long time ago, but isn’t in one now. We just have our instruments for fun, nothing serious. My  husband comes from a family where everyone has got something with music. That’s always a lot of fun when the family comes together and brings they’re instruments.

Ø: Thank you so much for the interview! Is there anything you would like to say, state, reveal, promote or even rebel against. The stage is yours!

Thank you for Borknagar! You made many of my days so much better and happier J

Oh and… if one sad day you decide to call it a day… How about a Borknagar The Next Generation band?! J If you need someone for drums… my little Raven surely would fit in 😉 (Noted!- Ø)


Cheers and a great salute to Sandra for sharing bits and pieces of her life with us!!

And Raven; may you have a happy, healty and prosperous life ahead! All the best!!