Here is the last part of a series of features where we want to pay some tribute to our amazing fans. The initiative is solely meant as a positive incitement to make our fans come forth and to make them shine. This should not be regarded as subject of marked analysis, “best-fan-competition” or whatever. Ideally we should have made such a tribute to each and everybody, but unfortunally that is just not doable. Decisions have to be made and lines have to be drawn, but we would like to thank everybody that left a comment or sent a message in order express their wish to participate!

The interviews are conducted by me(Øystein) to make the whole thing more personal in a world of impersonal commercialism. I have done my best to make this an interesting- and personal- feature. But keep in mind that I am no professional interviewer and excuse me for any blunders that may occur.

The photos herein are used with kind premission from the interviewee/s.



This is the last part of the “amazing fans” project we have been running over the last weeks. So this time around we are getting back to the “backdrop” of BORKNAGAR- the nature-  and the Norwegian countryside. And what is more natural than to present a fellow country(side)- man. This noble man has always been on the trigger supporting the band; always kind words and inspiring feedback. Say hello to Vegard Dølmo- the one and only!

Name:Vegard DølmoVegard Dølmo


Fan since:1997










Ø: First off, I would like you to introduce yourself with your own words.

My name is Vegard,I am 42 years old and married to Marianne,I have four children.


Ø: Vegard, I am under the impression that you- like me- is not the most hardcore bohemian dude around. As far as I know you live at a farm, if this is corrects- do you and/or your family still run the farm? Tell us about it…J

I don’t own a farm no,I have been working on farms and with animals for as long as I can remember almost,mostly on the farm of my uncle, these days I am also working as a farmhand.


Ø: As you might know, Jens is originating from a farm far north in Norway. Jens’ parents decided to “shut down” the farm last year. The same goes for the farm I originates Debutfrom here in my village. The farm has been around since early 1600th century but now my extended family, whom currently runs the farm, has decided to call it the day. The tendency is clear, if you want to live a decent life with a decent income, farming is not the way to go here in Norway. The last couple of years we have seen a monumental deconstruction of the farming culture here in Norway. One thing is not being a self- sufficient nation in terms of food and primal goods but we also see other social (unemployment), cultural(loosing skills, knowledge about nature etc.) and geographical(declining cultural landscape). Any thoughts about this “development”?

It is a terrible development ,in this little place where I live,there is mostly farms ,and that creates the whole cultural landscape ,it is really sad to see that many farms have disappeared in the last years. I think the only way to “survive” within farming in Norway now is to go together and really expand, that has already started and seems like a good way to do it!


Ø: Over the last couple of years there have been a national debate regarding wolves (and other carnivores) in the Norwegian fauna. So, from one countryman to another: are you pro or against wolves? Any thought’s?

Well very difficult question this…but I love the animals ,they are very beautiful ,but this is purely egoistical I know ,and for the farmers loosing there animals ,I understand the agony..it is impossible ofc to “tell” the wolves to stay in a restricted area,but they are a part of the Norwegian heritage to put it that way,so..as I said,a very difficult question.


Ø: So, describe your first encounter with the music of BORKNAGAR.

I was in Trondheim to visit my brother,and while I was there I visited the now sadly out of business music store “Rockin”,going through all the stuff there I came over the debutalbum,I loved the cover and the decided to buy it,I had never heard of the band,but took a chance J..and I am really happy I did! After that..there has been no looking back! (Hell yeah, Rockin in Trondheim was THE record store back in the days!!-Ø)


Ø: What is your favorite BORKNAGAR album and why?

Impossible for me to answer,there is something amazing with every single album and I simply can`t decide.


Ø: Is there a song or an album that has a special meaning to you- and why?

Well the first song that spring to mind is The Earthling,that is in my top three of songs through all time, I had a difficult year last year,and that song just gave me a boost,I love the atmosphere in that song,it really is totally amazing!


PendantØ: What is your most precious BORKNAGAR item(s)- and/or experience?

Well I have the pendant that I got from the Universal-box and that one I wear with pride every single day!


Ø: In your opinion, what makes BORKNAGAR stand out from the rest of the bands in the current scene?

The true identity of the band,the fact that there is a change with every record,but still so easy to recognize!I love the progressiveness,the beauty of the melodies!


Ø: Besides BORKNAGAR, is there any (other) band/s that makes your top 5 band-list?

I have three more bands that I can`t live without and those are Vintersorg,Cronian and Enslaved!


Ø: Obviously, there is no sun without a shadow. Is there anything regarding BORKNAGAR you don’t like?

Well since I have not had the pleasure to see you live yet,it has to be that it would be nice with a little bit more touring!


Ø: If there is anything you are wondering about regarding BORKNAGAR- now is your chance to ask?

Well I would like to know what happened when Andreas joined the band,how you guys got in touch!

Ø: Well, I remember I read a review about “Ødemarkens Son” in the Norwegian Scream Magazine and I think BORKNAGAR was mentioned there as some sort of Andreas_Øystein_Sept 2000reference, inspiration or whatever. The review was top-notch and the album got 6 of 6 points. Didn’t really think much more about that but suddenly one day Andreas called me, pretty much out of the blue. He told me that he was currently in studio recording “Cosmic Genesis” and we started to talk about music. I think we pretty much connected there and then, realizing that we shared very much the same “philosophy” when it comes to music. We stayed in contact and in September 2000 Andreas came over to visit me in Bergen, drink some beers and “talk music”. And so we did(hence the photo- drunk indeed…haha). First we just talked about doing a musical project together and we shared musical ideas for that purpose solely. Later on, as BORKNAGAR parted ways with Simen, we got quite allot of requests from vocalists that wanted to joint. We listened through allot of demos etc. but nothing really blew me/us away. So after a while it pretty much dawned on me that the best sollution might be just around the corner and I launched the idea to Andreas about him joining the band. We invited him down to Oslo for a rehersal- and the rest is pretty much history.


Ø: Physical (CD, LP) or digital albums(download, streaming)? And why?

No doubt…physical,one of the greatest things is to get a new cd that I have been waiting for long and well,and sit down and read the booklet and listen to the music!And the sound is also a lot better than on the Mp3 –files.


Ø: How is the metal community in your area, if there is any at all?

Nothing at all!i live in a very small village in the middle of nowhere really,so there is no scene at all!The closest place is Trondheim if I want to go to shows!


Ø: Do you play an instrument yourself? Or even play/played in a band? Or in any other way actively involved in the scene?

Well I play electric guitar,and have played in a couple of hobby-bands with friends,but nothing more than that!Snookertime


Ø: Besides job/studies, music and the usual obligations- what bring balance in your life? Snooker?(Hence: your frequently status update on facebook)

Two things mainly..Snooker and hiking around in mountains and woods!


Ø: Thank you so much for the interview. Is there anything you would like to say, state, reveal, promote or even rebel against. The stage is yours!

I just want to say thanks for the interview,this is a big honour to be a part off!And I look forward to more great music from you!


A big salute and cheers to Vegard for participating!!