Ok, let’s try this then.

This idea about doing this ourselves is something we have talked about for a long time already. Then a couple of weeks ago I simply asked a question at the Borknagar Facebook page if this was something that would be interesting and the feedback was overwhelming. So the process started and now I’m awaiting the first shirts in TODAY.

We have made a box of 90 shirts that we want to distribute to you guys directly. Borknagar merchandise has never been a priority from our label and at this point I can say that even the band is frustrated by the lack of merch. It gets silly seeing pictures of merch bought from a local store in North America or Malaysia with images we don’t even know about. With this we’re taking back control!

By doing this we want to achieve several things: We want to make some merch available to you guys that you know for sure is approved by the band. And this stuff is the real deal. Marcelo at p2rdesign.com (check out that site btw) has made this for us and the whole band has been involved giving their feedback on the image.

This is done by us which means the expences also come out of our own pockets. Have some patience and we will make more items available for you. We also want to make items that you all really want, if you have comments, wishes or ideas please comment below on this post, it’s very valuable to know your preferences. Have your say!

We also want to make the process as trustworthy and professional as we can, yet we’re using some easy solutions. That’s why we make a store here at our Headquarters and make you order the items through a web-store solution with Paypal. We will look into other payment methods eventually and try to make it look better, but what we have up now should be sufficient to get the first shirts out.

So this is the first item we make available.

There’s no girlies available in this first box, but I will order another box as soon as possible and I promise A LOT of girlies with this exact image available in 2-3 weeks.

This image below could be a tad different then the shirst, but I’ll post some actual shirst when they get here.


And please, let us know instantly if something is wrong, help us out here! 😀


Urd #1 2013 testshirt


Urd #1 2013