Impressions from our trip to the Czech festival Brutal Assault.

Borknagar - Brutal Assault 2013

We have been discussing bringing in a live-vocalist for some time. A while before this gig we learned that Vintersorg could not attend this one and we decided to start rehearsing with Athera. We want to make sure everyone understand this doesn’t mean that Vintersorg will be leaving the band. We have been encouraged by Vintersorg to play more live even when he’s not available and this time we went ahead with the plans. Vintersorg supported our decision and posted this on both Borknagar and Vintersorg Facebook pages:

“A huge thank you to Athera for stepping in for me at Brutal Assault! I have been prevented from going, due to work related issues, but I wish all the best to the guys on Saturday! This is of course not a sign of me leaving the band( I’m already working on the vocal lines for new songs) and the ship of Borknagar will set sails even if one member is out.”


We started rehearsing and even used the Susperia studio for this.


Øystein getting ready for some Borkna-jamsession...

The rehearsals went simply brilliant and the last evening Athera brought his camera and we filmed the set. You guys should know that we listen to your feedback and this video below was triggered by people asking on our Facebook page to see some footage.  This video was created by Athera and Øystein. There has been a lot of feedback and we are very pleased that Athera has recieved such a warm welcome from our audience.


I can say we really enjoyed our stay at Brutal Assault and it was a very good experience for us on stage. It’s clear that Athera is the right man for this task. We don’t make any promises (don’t want to jinx this) but the possibility has increased for us to play more live in the next years then we have done the previous 10-12. This also doesn’t mean that Vintersorg will never play live with us, we are simply solving the current situation and Vintersorg is invited to join whenever he can.

Now, a few pics from our gig!
During the intro... Thank you!!!

I took this pic myself when our intro started playing.