This is an announcement for a competition to create a Borknagar design to be printed on t-shirts!

In March Borknagar will embark on the first European tour since 1998. We have decided to make a dedicated design for this and we are asking your help to create one. We will also let YOU guys decide which one to print and bring on tour. In a few days we will have a vote for this, so stay tuned!

Our guidelines:

-We are looking for a design that is a bit outside the box, something untraditional, but still represents Borknagar.

-Keep it within what a regular t-shirt printer can manage. That more or less meens max 6 colours and print on front, back and arms.

-Submit a jpg to us that we can use for the voting part. We will gather the designs in a news-post like this, which meens we need the designs either on mail, link to Flickr, link on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever.

-If you win, we need the design in a high-res to forward to the printer. And the tour is closing in, we need to work fast.

-The design will be sold on the European tour in March, and will also be made available on our webshop here at the HQ.

-All of you who contribute in a serious way will earn the eternal gratitude from the band.

-The person who gets his design printed can expect a proper reward. You will get some shirts for sure, and some other merch-gifts from the band. This person will also be considered a VIP to the band, which meens you will get VIP pass to our concerts.