First of all: THANK YOU!

It’s very inspiring to get such a response when we try out something like this.

I will now share some of those we (the band) have picket out. At this point we’re still undecided, and the whole idea about involving you all is to make something that our audience likes. That’s why we ask your direct advice.

As I wrote in the first post; we’re looking for a design that will represent Borknagar anno 2014. It’s a shirt dedicated to our live focus of 2014, but not necessarily focused on the tour in March. That’s why we are undecided if we want the tourdates or not. Some of the designers have also been asked to submit a version without the tourdates for us to compare. We might even end up making a second one after the tour…

This shirt will be available for sale during the European tour in March, and after that in the Borknagar Webshop.

We also want to open for suggestions about mixing designs. Some of the “clean” designs could perhaps use a logo or a simple catch-phrase like “The Winter Eclipse”.
Give your thoughts and we will listen. I have given the shirts numbers, try to use them when you comment so we know what you’re referring to.



Comment; There has been a few suggestions that combine elements from our booklets with logo and pictures. Quite cool stuff actually, but we want something fresh. You still got to slap a band-logo on a shirt like this to make sure people understand it’s actually a Borknagar shirt, but we can also adjust that. I choose to present this one made by Shannon Bodmer as it adds to the original.


Comment; Very clean and cool design by Sopor Caligari. An idea from us is to shrink the back-design and put it below the band-logo in the front and mix this with a separate back-design.


Comment; Sopor Caligari read my comment and has already added an update.


Comment; Shannon Bodmer also makes a good point with this, and I know there’s a difference in opinion here. This is one of the issues I’m really curious about; Is there a demand for a tour-shirt or can we make a more allround design without the tour-dates?


Comment; This is a clean and good looking back-design from Paul Åsgaard. I would suggest making the serpent-logo in a grey tone and change the headline to “The Winter Eclipse tour 2014”. This shirt also includes the 2 confirmed festivals and I like the slogan at the bottom.


We even got a design from the Webmaster at Northwind Promotion, who also makes the Niflheim Festival Tour  website, posters and such. This one makes me want to print a long-sleeve also. Anyone want long-sleeves? And what should be on the forearm?


Comment; Update from Niflheim/ Northwind designer Luis Hermosilla with a long sleeve version.





Comment; These last 4 are front-and back-designs from Guilio Valerio Cerbella who is an italian designer. We asked Cerbella to submit 2 versions to see how this would look without the tourdates.


Comment; The last one is from Vincent Devault. When I asked people to think out of the box and present us with suggestions that are outside the traditional Borknagar sphere, this is the sort of thing I was thinking about. So let’s hear your comments on this


Ok, we are looking forward to your comments below. I’m looking for the constructive thoughts. We need to make a decision within Friday.