We are proud to present some new merchandise items that will be available during the Niflheim Festival tour that kicks off Friday 7th of March in Erfurt (Ger)!

This selection has been made as a result of the feedback from our previous post “Creation of the Winter Eclipse t-shirt“. Let me explain how this process has been:

The idea to make a design competition was well received and we got many suggestions and designs. We chose to gather the ones we found relevant in an article to hear what you guys thought about it. The end result is solid and we believe we have some designs here that will suit everyone.

There are several things with the actual voting process I want to comment on. First of all, our goal with this was to create a design that was outside of the already existing designs used on album covers or previous shirts. The reason is that the shirt called “Double Dragon” has been in the planning for quite some time now and we were not actually looking for a similar one. The shirt that Shannon Bodmer submitted (#1) received a lot of votes, and while we never actually wanted that sort of design, this made me sure that the Double Dragon motif would be good. During the voting process we also learned that the design would cause copyright issues. I hope all of you who voted for #1 is happy with the Double Dragon.

We received several designs that we would consider to print, but we believe that one is enough for now. The winner of the competition is a shirt that fills all the requests from us with “thinking out of the box”. It was a close race with the designs made by Giulio Valerio Cerbella who seems to be an interesting artist that we want to keep in contact with after this competition.

The winner is LUIS HERMOSILLA and The Winter Eclipse shirt will be available as both t-shirt and long sleeve.

The Winter Eclipse long sleeve

The Winter Eclipse t-shirt

The second design is the Double Dragon and the idea was launched by our own Tour Manager and Sound Engineer Rob Sherred some time ago. The actual work is done by Marcelo Vasco who has also designed both the URD and UNIVERSAL booklets and is a well known designer with clients like Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon, Dark Funeral and Chrome Division.

The hoodie is available both as male and female model. It’s a zipped hoodie.

Double Dragon hoodie

The Double Dragon female model

Double Dragon girlie

And the Double Dragon t-shirt.

Double Dragon t-shirt

We have also produced a beanie with embroidered logo.

Borknagar Beanie

These are the new designs we are bringing with us on the tour that starts Friday, and when the tour is over these will also be made available through web-shop. We have produced the models and sizes we believe there is a request for, but we are open for suggestions. As example we have not made a The Winter Eclipse female model, but if turns out that there is a demand for that we will look into that when the tour is over.

We will contact you who have contributed to this.

And a huge thank you to all of you who have helped us with your opinions and feedback.