Some good news for you who want to see us play more live: We have entered a deal with the booking agency Rock The Nation and the relationship has already produced another festival gig for us!




The first approach has already gone out from the headquarters towards promoters, clubs and festivals and it looked like this;

Dear Friends and Promoters,

we are proud to welcome BORKNAGAR (NOR) in our Family!

The well know norwegian Avantgarde Black Metal Band is

currently working on their 10th studio album which will

hit the streets in 2015 via Century Media Records.

Borknagar´s last record “Urd” was mixed in Fascination Street by Jens
Bogren and published in 2012 via Century Media

and was highly acclaimed by fans & press worldwide!

Since their founding back in 1995, the band has toured in Europe and
North America
supporting Bands like In Flames, Cradle of Filth and Emperor
hit stages at Wacken, Wave Gothic Treffen, Brutal Assault,
Infernofestival and many more!

BORKNAGAR will be available for Clubshows & Festivals in 2015, and

selected dates in Oct/Nov/Dec 2014.

I´m looking forward to your ideas & offers!
As we have talked about for some time no we are trying to increase our focus on the live part, something that also resulted in a tour in March 2014. The first Borknagar tour for 15 years! We don’t want it to stop there, but have changed our focus over to the creation of the 10th studio album. We want to hold the touring until the album is out, but have opened up for single shows if the possibility shows itself.  Rock The Nation approached the promoters and we already have the first confirmed show: Fall of Summer in France
The announcement was made yesterday from the promoter;
The Fall of Summer team is proud to welcome four more bands to the festival line-up, including two who haven’t play in our country for a while.
We are glad to announce that the German thrashers of EXUMER will return to France for the first time since 1986
while the Norwegians of BORKNAGAR who haven’t play in France since 1998 promises to be one of the hightlights of the festival,
together with their fellow countrymen of AURA NOIR and the Greeks of ROTTING CHRIST !
Bottom line is, we hope you want to see more of this lot:
After concert bw

Borknagar at Ragnarök Festival 2014