We have some more behind-the-scenes photoes to share with you from the European tour we did in March. These are mostly Øystein and my private photoes, snapshots of life on the road. This is part 2, here is the link for Borknagar tour recap- part 1
Lars and Baard outside club in Oberhausen + crazy driver Frank

Lars and Baard waiting outside the club in Oberhausen and Frank the driver strongly felt like he should be in this picture, so he did…

Lars and Mirko, Oberhausen

Mirko is one of our most dedicated fans, we even did a feature on him in the series of “Amazing Borknagar Fans“. Mirko came to the concert in Oberhausen and he brought his entire collection of Borknagar vinyl for signing. It was quite a job actually, it was no less than 40 records!! The only original release he’s missing is the first edition of the first album, so if someone can help him out let us know.

Rob Sherred, FoH

Rob Sherred, our trusted front of house/ sound and tourmanager

Borknagar merch-stand, tourmanager Jose

For this tour Josè was the tourmanager and he also managed the merch stand.


T34-85's guarding the Wroclaw roads

Wroclaw- Poland was our third stop. And for us tank-nerds it’s always cool to see some relics like these.

Borknagar tourbus outside Alibi club in Wroclaw- Poland

Our tourbus parked outside the Alibi club in Wroclaw- Poland

Baard fixing symbals

Baard keeps beating the cymbals so hard they crack, but he has his own solution to that…

Athera backstage multitasking

Athera doing some multitasking backstage at the Alibi club

Jens on a coffee break in Berlin

When in Berlin, no stress!

Welcome cake in Budapest

At Dürer Kert, the club in Budapest- Hungary we got some amazing catering.  Catering Queen has been in the business for a while and has a wide reputation. I believe this is the first time we have been met with a design cake at least.

Athera and Jens backstage at Dürer Kert in Budapest

Ahera and myself backstage at Dürer Kert, Budapest- Hungary.