I was just updating the Borknagar biography page and remembered our plans to make another page showing the concerts and tours we have played over the years. I’m going to ask for a little help here to get this correct, that’s why I want to start with the easy part: The In Flames support tour in 1998. (Pics by Marcel Banziger)

Borknagar 1998- ICS Vortex

ICS Vortex did only vocals on the first tour


Thing is, I don’t have a 100% correct list anywhere. For example, during our European tour in March 2014 I took a picture of this old tour shirt in Rome, but I know for sure that some of the dates were changed after the shirt was printed. I need help figuring out which. And let’s keep it to the first tour for now.

Borknagar tour shirt from 1998


To make it interesting I’ve gathered some old photos from the tour.

I was invited in as a session guitarist during the summer in 1997. Øystein had received some requests from Century Media Records to embark on a tour as The Olden Domain was released. This first tour was supposed to be in Sept- 97 already, so I went over to Bergen in July to start rehearsing. The lineup at this time was the same as the recording lineup + me.

During the days in Bergen we had a dialog with Garm about the situation, and Garm announced that he was not able to tour with us. He was to busy with Ulver and other stuff. Garm had given this a lot of thought and wanted to suggest a vocalist who would be able to do both the clean and screaming vocals. He told me that when I got back to Oslo I should go to the Elm Street club and look for Simen Hestnæs. So I did.

This was not in time to accept the tour in Sept- 97, we rescheduled and ended up as support on the first In Flames European headliner tour in January 1998.

I still get questions about the 1997 tour, and the fact is that our cancellation came a bit late as a result in the change of lineup. There were posters printed with our name on it, something we saw on several clubs we visited in January 1998.


Borknagar 1998- Kai and Jens

Kai Lie and Jens F. Ryland

Another thing people ask is about Ivar Bjørnson. Ivar joined the first tour as keyboardist, but left the tour, and the band only 1 week into the tour. If I’m not mistaken the Paris gig was the first we did without keys. And as you know we stayed like that for a couple of years until Lars joined


Borknagar 1998- ICS Vortex, Ivar Bjørnsson and Kai.

ICS Vortex, Ivar Bjørnson and Kai Lie. The late Grim behind the drums.

Borknagar 1998- Øystein and ICS Vortex

Øystein G. Brun and ICS Vortex


Now, the tour dates.

This is what I have:

Jan 6th 1998- Berlin (ger)- Trash-

Jan 7th 1998- Hamburg (ger)- Marx (Markthalle)-

Jan 8th 1998- Nijmegen (hol)- Staddijk

Jan 9th 1998- Sittard (hol)- Fenix-

Jan 10th 1998- Erpe-Mere (bel)- Dido

Jan 11th 1998- Rotterdam (hol)- Baroeg-

Jan 12th 1998- Essen (ger)- Zeche Carl-

Jan 13th 1998- Paris (fra)- Gibus-

Jan 14th 1998- Stuttgart (ger)- Röhre-

Jan 15th 1998- Trier (ger)- Exil-

Jan 16th 1998- Offenbach (ger)- Hafenbahn-

Jan 17th 1998- Fraureuth (ger)- Ratskeller-

Jan 18th 1998- Munich (aus)- Backstage-

Jan 19th 1998- Graz (aus)- Theatro

Jan 20th 1998- Vienna (aus)- Rockhaus-

Jan 21st 1998- Pratteln (ch)- Z7-

Jan 22nd 1998- Bologna – Il Tempo

Jan 23rd 1998- Milan (ita)- Rainbow-

Jan 24th 1998- Düdingen (ch)- Bad Bonn

Then the gig in Barcelona was cancelled because the trip was simply too long and we couldn’t make it. It was replaced with a last gig somewhere in Switzerland. And see how the tour had no off-dates!

Now, if you guys can help out confirming what you know so I can get this right it would be great. When the list is done I’ll make a new page for this and we will talk about the rest of the gigs in 1998.


-First comment is in and the gig in Roma was indeed moved to Bologna. Anyone remember the club name?

-Bologna venue was called Il Tempo.

-Last gig in Switzerland added