We have something quite special for you while we wait for the new album to arrive. We just received this press release from our friends in RÆDICAL:





PR release for media at the launch of the BORKNAGAR beard oil series – 15.12.2015

One of the best metal bands on the planet have already kept going for over 20 years and are currently getting ready to celebrate their 10 studio release with Winter Thrice. To kick this up even more we at RÆDICAL have prepared another surprise for the fans and are launching a line of the meanest, heaviest and most badass beard oils to be found!

Here is what guitarist Jens F. Ryland has to say on the matter:

“There is quite a bit of activity in the Borknagar camp these days! We are closing in on the release date for Winter Thrice, we have concerts both announced and under planning for the next year and we are really excited about the video release featuring Kris Rygg. In this wave of positivity we have been approached by Rædical about the idea to make a beard-oil and I have to admit they didn’t need much time to persuade us!

We are proud to introduce the Borknagar branded Rædical beard-oil today. It’s an organic oil presented in a vial with the band logo placed in a hollow wooden cube with our signature serpent logo. All approved and co-designed by us!”

Jens F. Ryland- Borknagar


While “under the hood” the oil is “RIFF” (one of the oils already on the market)  the design and packaging is tweaked  specially for Borknagar. The oil is a blend of 100% natural and highest quality jojoba, sweet almond, hazelnut, castor and hemp seed oils to protect your beard and keep it all soft and shiny while also regenerating your skin for the next morning.

Every bottle comes in a beautiful, handmade walnut wooden case which will without a doubt become a collectors item within the metal and Borknagar community.






Rædical beard oil


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