Metal Hammer Germany have now opened up for pre-order of the September issue tribute to Metallica. As you have seen before, we were invited to participate in this and recorded our version of “My Friend of Misery”.

From Metal Hammer web;

The BLACK ALBUM celebrates its 20th birthday, so METAL HAMMER created a special edition magazine with more than 80 pages, lots of interviews and behind the scenes stuff, articles, four mega posters and much more, which is included in the issue 09/2011 of METAL HAMMER (German Edition), to be released on August 24th. Additional extra item is a tribute-CD on which bands such as Devildriver, Doro, Borknagar, Finntroll or Callejon cover all original album tracks. The METALLICA special edition magazine is not available in record stores. It is only sold together with the magazine. A further extra item in METAL HAMMER 09/2011 is a 32 pages special covering concert reviews, infos and all performances of WACKEN OPEN AIR 2011!

Use this link and get your copy 🙂 Borknagar’s Metallica tribute