It’s true!

The metal community = the best people! We ask for assistance and you guys always help out. I want to direct a huge thank you to the people who have contributed to our request and I also want to thank you in advance for giving your vote and help us in the making of the Winter Thrice tour-shirt!

Tour shirts often become important memories for us music fans, I have several myself that still make me think about good times. During our last tour I ran into a guy in Rome who had one of our early shirts:

Borknagar tour shirt 1998

This is also the list of the very first Borknagar concerts, we supported In Flames on their first ever headline tour.


This is the second time we ask for design assistance from the metal community, last time that resulted in The Winter Eclipse t-shirt and long-sleeve. As you can see in the link, we had some awesome designs also last time, and the decision was made by your votes. The design is still available from our official merch stores here:

Art-Worx  in Germany ships mostly to Europe

Rockzone in Sweden will ship worldwide

T-shirt zone in UK will also ship worldwide, but not absolutely all countries

Now let’s have a look at the new designs.

I will give each design a number. When you vote for your favorite you simply add the number you want to vote for.

The first design is from our friend Giulio Valerio Cerbella 

This is design 1;





The next two are submitted by someone we for now only know as “Peter”.

This is design 2:

borknagar better version 1

Design 3:

Borknagar better version 2

This next one is made by Roel de Jong.

Design 4:

Borknagar Live Shirt


Now two designs from Sara Sostini at Savage Artworks:

Sara has a design that can be used both as white print on a black shirt or black on a grey. We split these into 2 designs to vote for.

Design 5;


Winter Thrice black - front

Winter Thrice black - back

Design 6: Winter Thrice front (modified)


Winter Thrice grey - back


The next two are designed by no other then Jon of Kampfar! Metalpeople = best people!!

Design 7:



Design 8:


Now it’s up to you.

Cast your vote as a comment.

Voting will stop Monday March 14th at noon!