In the history of Borknagar there has not been many videos released. I have gathered the ones I find necessary here in this article and gave them some comments. I also added some not-so-official videos that have significant history. Let’s start with our unofficial video of Colossus from Quintessence.


Borknagar - Quintessence - 2000 (2)


We were invited to play on a local tv-show in Oslo after the release of Quintessence in April 2000, the station was called Metropol TV. If we had know what we know now we would of course made sure that these videos were primed for online use, but…2000. We did 2 songs on this show, playback of course. The second one was Ruins of the Future if I remember right, but the recording had the end-text rolling over it, so we never even released it.

As Youtube was invented this video somehow made it’s way online as a bootleg. After some time we snatched it back to our own channel to make sure everyone can see it.


This was probably one of the last things we did with ICS Vortex before he joined Dimmu Borgir for their Spiritual Black Dimensions tour. Soon after we regained our strength with Vintersorg and Tyr and made the Empiricism album. We did some concerts after that, although never a complete tour. Asgeir was our media boss and always had a camera somewhere. Sometimes I think he had three! At this point Asgeir still sits on many hours of recordings from this period. Gigs in Norway, Finland, Estonia, Denmark and the legendary trip to Lithuania! Asgeir made this video from Inherit The Earth which still is one of the few decent videos we have, but I’m not sure if we can call it official.

A few years after that video had become very important for the music industry, not only for those who wanted air-time on MTV. After the release of Epic in 2004 there was a request from our label Century Media Records to make a video. So we made Future Reminiscence:

After this it’s safe to say it took a couple of years until the next one.  In 2012 we released Urd and video was on our bucket list. The video had a deadline connected to the release, but there was no way we could manage to organize a video shoot with the band. We contacted Twitchy Films and they made this video of The Earthling:

With the release of Winter Thrice we agreed that we had to prioritize a video shoot, and Century Media also asked our brother Marcelo Vasco to make a lyrics video for the opening track Rhymes of the Mountain. Although not a proper video I choose to include it here:

Which leads us to last of the official videos. You can read all about the making of Winter Thrice video in one of my previous articles:

These are the only videos I would say are good enough to represent us. There’s a lot of live shit out there….oh well! Some bring back good memories even though it doesn’t sound very good, some are just bad recordings and some still makes my stomach twitch (like the recording from our first Wacken performance!). Now let’s see what the future brings.