Hello folks!

So, Jens and me joined up at Toproom Studio over the weekend to re-amp my basic guitars. For those not familiar with the term “re-amp”, this  basically means to record the Di signals(which I did in my home studio) and then run th Di signals through a amp/cabinet in a proper studio to get a proper sound. So instead of “wasting” time in studio playing and recording the guitars(maybe 10% of the takes can be used), we could just focus on tweaking guitar sounds this time around. To me this is a perfect way of recording guitars; doing my recordings in my own pace at home and then exploit the studio sessions to the maximum by spending time getting the perfect sound.

As you might understand we used the best rack available, namely ENGL Powerball 2 and a ENGL PRO CABINET 4×12 Vintage 30. It indeed sounds as good as it looks!

You choose who is who.....?

We also managed to make some ENGL promo shots, that might be usable for our friends at ENGL sometime in the future. Here is a few:

Ok, guess that is all just now. We have taken a step further and the album is slowly but steady shaping up to be a monster. Now there is time for somebass, synth and vox. The journey continues and we’ll slipp you an update upon the next wayward….;-)

Take care!