Metal Hammer- Metallica tribute

When we were working in Toproom in June we didn't only record for the next album, we also did a special recording. For the first time ever we have recorded a cover-song. The occation being that Metal Hammer Germany asked us to participate in a tribute to Metallica, they asked several bands to record songs [...]

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Borknagar vs Fascination Street Studios

BORKNAGAR PRESS RELEASE JULY 2011   BORKNAGAR mixing upcoming album in Fascination Street Studio   BORKNAGAR is currently recording the next album roughly planned to be released in February 2012 through Century Media Records. The album will be mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren at famous Fascination Street Studios in Sweden in November.   Øystein [...]

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Home studio session.

I have been working hard the last few days to finish up some guitar recording at home before I go away on vacation for a few weeks. I'm not bringing the guitar with me, and this special song needs to be done before I go. Someone asked earlier why the studio-posts suddenly stopped, the answer [...]

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Enter Your Merch Requests

A while back we had a discussion on the Ultimate metal forums about Borknagar merch where we asked for input and ideas from our fans, friends and followers. I would like to take that discussion a step further here as I have received some requests and questions following the post I made with the new [...]

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New Borknagar Merch For Sale has made some new merch for us. Have a look;   […]

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Drums For The New Album Complete.

So this is my 1st post... let's make it a good one. Here is a video I made- I must say that the drum recording process went quite smooth for me actually. No major problems and in all, I'm pretty happy with everything I recorded. I had not played drums for 5 months up until [...]

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More Studio News

I’m not up in the studio every day, but here’s some pictures I took yesterday: […]

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Jens Visits Studio

I jumped in the car today and drove up to see how Dave and Øystein is doing in studio. To my surprise they were almost done. […]

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Hello From Toproom!

Hey Folks! Just wanted to give you an brief update from studio. I arrived Toproom Studio yesterday evening. David was already there on my arrival and he had already spent the whole day setting up and tuning the drumkit. This time around he will actually record with his own drumkit- or "boots" as he choose [...]

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Studio Logistics

Hei there everyone and welcome to the new Borknagar website, our Headquarters :) As some of you know I have already been talking a bit about the up coming studio work for us on the Artisan web, but as we now start up for real you can follow our progression here. We can't off course [...]

By |June 8th, 2011|Borknagar, Studio|1 Comment Resurrected

Hello Folks! is now up and running after several years of silence. This current site is solely a “pre-album release” site that continuously will be evolved and updated first hand by the band in cooperation with Doodle Tree. Upon release of our new album in late 2012, the site will be re-launched with new [...]

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